Moxibustion Therapy

moxibustion therapy with warming needleMoxibustion therapy is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy using moxa made from dried mugwort.  Moxa has the properties of warming and removing obstruction of channels, eliminating the cold and damp factors and thus promoting the function of the organs.

There are different methods of applying moxibustion therapy in clinic:

Direct moxibustion

Direct moxibustion is performed by placing the ignited moxa cone directly over the point on the skin. There are two types of this method: the scarring and the non-scarring moxibustion.

  • Direct scarring moxibustion
  • Direct non-scarring moxibustion

Indirect moxibustionMoxibustion therapy with Moxa stick

  • Indirect moxibustion with ginger
  • Indirect moxibustion with garlic
  • Indirect moxibustion with salt
  • Indirect moxibustion with herbal biscuit
  • Moxibustion with Moxa stick
  • Moxibustion with Warming Needle

The theory of making diagnosis and choosing treatment points are the same as acupuncture. It helps free flow of Qi and blood, expel cold dampness from the meridians and help strengthen Yang Qi, therefore help strengthen the immune system.

Generally moxibustion is a combined with acupuncture or as a complement to acupuncture treatment. As the ancient acupuncture book states “When acupuncture does not help, moxibustion works”.